Unlocking the potential of UK based businesses
by delivering fully qualified remote professionals
from Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria.

Welcome to PHILBAN CONSULTING UK, your strategic partner in providing a remote solution for businesses looking to scale up their workforce and capacity in a cost effective way. Specialising in delivering top-notch virtual professional services that cater to your unique business needs, our team of highly skilled professionals, based in Nigeria, is dedicated to recruiting top-tier experts who excel in their respective fields.

Nigeria, a former British colony, has a long established relationship with the UK and is only second to India in terms of Non British UK population with a workforce that supports the British economy across all sectors and disciplines. Nigeria is home to a vast, young. dynamic population, presenting the perfect opportunity for global businesses to access skilled professionals, facilitating a dynamic exchange of knowledge, expertise and innovation.

We firmly believe that our model is the answer to the challenges of the modern business landscape. We allow you to focus on what you do best – which is growing your business! The combination of a skilled, educated workforce and cost-effective solutions can drive your business forward. With time zones being well-aligned it allows for real-time collaboration and communication, ultimately propelling your business ventures forward.

Our Services

PHILBAN CONSULTING UK specialises in delivering cost effective remote workforce solutions tailored to meet your business requirements. With a foundation built on the success of our Nigerian subsidiary, PHIL-BAN Nigeria Limited, a leading recruiting agency, we’ve established a robust infrastructure for businesses. Collaborating with international brands like Marriott, Royal Sanderton Group and Sheraton, our subsidiary taps into an extensive pool of undiscovered, remote talent in Nigeria. As UK businesses embrace virtual working, our model stands as a game-changer, empowering businesses to thrive, innovate and stay competitive.

We typically offer 6 or 12-month contracts, allowing your business to engage our services on a project-by-project basis, aligning seamlessly with your strategic goals and budgetary considerations. Remote working is the key to unlocking efficiency and cost savings of up to 40%. PHILBAN CONSULTING UK enables businesses to capitalise on this trend, using technology to connect with top talent while reducing overhead expenses associated with traditional office setups.

Dedicated UK Support

Our commitment to exceptional service extends to providing dedicated UK-based support for your peace of mind. Our entire service and support infrastructure is based in the UK, ensuring that you have a reliable and accessible point of contact. With PHILBAN CONSULTING UK, you will have a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to guarantee that everything runs smoothly, addressing any concerns or adjustments you may require. This personalised approach ensures that you receive the support you need, guaranteeing a successful and productive partnership between your business and our virtual professionals.

Embrace the future of work with PHILBAN CONSULTING UK, where remote solutions drive success and financial benefits.

Our Process

At PHILBAN CONSULTING UK, our structured process ensures seamless integration of remote professionals into your business, delivering exceptional results.

Here's a step-by-step
overview of how we work:
Step 1
Exploration and Analysis

We delve into understanding your business, gathering information about your requirements, workflows and pain points to gain insights into the intricacies of your operations and the business as a whole.

This thorough analysis is crucial for tailoring our services to your exact needs.

Step 2
Tailored Solutions and Costs

After analysing your needs, we present a comprehensive solution that outlines how our virtual professionals will address your challenges, with a breakdown of costs, all to align with your business goals.

This will provide you with a clear understanding of your investment.

Step 3
Infrastructure Setup

From recruitment to technical support, we set up the necessary infrastructure you need to establish secure communication channels and access permissions.

This customised package will create seamless collaboration between your team and our virtual professionals.

Step 4
Training & Testing

Training is a crucial part of our process. Our virtual professionals will undergo training to ensure they fully understand your business processes, policies, and expectations.

Rigorous testing ensures their readiness for any complex tasks.

Step 5
Go Live

With infrastructure, training and testing completed, our UK-based virtual professionals will be ready to actively support your business. We maintain open communication to ensure the integration of our services works in your business. Providing a seamless fusion of expertise and a successful productive partnership which will elevate your business


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